What Will Happen After Your DUI Arrest? Find Out Here!

What Will Happen After Your DUI Arrest? Find Out Here!

When is the moment someone realizes they should not have decided to drink under the influence of alcohol? Maybe it’s when they see police patrols with flashing lights approaching near you, or it could be when you crash straight into another car.

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The reasons why people decide to drink and drive usually varies. However, what happens after is a dreadful standard. Here are the top 10 things that will happen to you when you are pulled over and charged with driving under the influence or DUI case.

  1. You Will Be Arrested

Once you failed the field sobriety test or you are asked to submit to the breathalyzer test, there will be no turning away from the police. You will be booked at the station after your arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

  1. You Will Get Your Day in Court

After your arrest, you will receive some summons that you should appear in court. During your appearance in court, you will be presented with some evidences against you and you will be required to plead guilty or innocent. In this situation, it is best to hire a professional Spokane DUI Attorney to represent you or help you with any legal action needed. DUI lawyers are the most experienced, knowledgeable and experts in this field. Therefore, hiring a reputable one is the best decision you can ever make after your DUI arrest.

  1. Suspension of Your Driver’s License

The suspension of driver’s license is actually mandatory drivers. But, the time you will be suspended usually varies. Some states allow you to apply for a restricted or hardship license, which will allow you to drive using an ignition interlock device.

  1. You Will Pay Fines

There are certain fees and charges associated with a driving under the influence case and you will be required to pay all of them. Most of the time, the cost of penalties depend on each state, whether there was injury or property damage, and the type of charge.

  1. You may go to jail

Other states require the first offender of DUI to spend some time in jail, while most states require repeat DUI offenders to go to prison for varying time lengths.

  1. You may receive probation

A few states will require you to have the probation completed instead of going to jail. In that case, you will need to visit a certain probation officer as well as stick to the rules and terms and conditions of the probation process.

  1. You May Be Required to Attend DUI School

Nowadays, education about alcohol is made to prevent people from drinking and driving again. In most states, a lot of DUI offenders are obliged to attend a DUI school in a certain period of time and they will have to pay for it as well.

  1. You Might Be Required to Attend an Alcohol Evaluation

Basically, the penalties’ goal is to make sure that you do not drink and drive again. Therefore, you may be required to attend an alcohol evaluation in order to help you or counsel you if you have severe addiction to alcohol.

  1. You May Need to Pay Higher Car Insurance

Once all has been said and done and you already have completed your probation period, received your ignition interlock device, as well as paid your fines, you may be on the go for a big surprise at your insurance broker. Due to your DUI arrest, you may be asked to get special policy of your insurance, also known as SR-22 insurance, which can triple if not double your premium auto insurance.

What Happens to Young DUI Offenders?

Minors who have been arrested for DUI would not get from punishment and penalties. As a matter of fact, being a minor is more likely to make matters worse. In most states, you can legally drink alcohol at the age of 21. Therefore, drinking before that age is considered a separate crime.

In addition to that, some states penalize underage DUI offenders based on lower BACs or Blood Alcohol Levels of typically 0.02% compared to the standard adult level of 0.08%. In most state, it is legal to impose adult punishments and sentences even on minors. Aside from that, underage DUI offenders are more likely to have their driver’s licenses suspended for a year or more.

Bear in mind that every time you face a DUI arrest, you can leave all the legalities to a certified and professional DUI attorney. This can make your life a whole lot easier and your case flow smoother and faster.


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